Are you expending your personal effort in the best and highest manner for your business?

Are you one of the many business owners who do their own accounting or financial analysis? If you are, ask yourself how much revenue you generated by doing a bank reconciliation, preparing your financial statements or analyzing your cash flow? Sure, these things need to be done, but are you making the very most out of your own valuable time?

Small and mid-sized businesses often don't have the means to hire a full-time CFO or even a Controller, yet their need is just as pressing as larger companies. Imagine how much more time you could devote to your business development, marketing and sales efforts if those accounting and finance headaches were taken care of? Our virtual finance teams work with multiple clients in various capacities bringing you accounting and financial expertise at a modest price.

From other sources, San Francisco salaries for small businesses:

  • CFO: $198,250
  • Controller: $144,250
  • Accounting Manager: $96,250
  • Senior Accountant: $88,000
  • SalariesAccountant
  • SalariesController
  • SalariesCFO

Don't forget that there are payroll taxes, retirement and other benefits as well as vacations to factor in.

Of course, not everyone needs all of the services a Virtual CFO brings to the table, so Aeona offers lower levels of service as well. Each of the task areas we offer are explained below, and each is available a la carte. Our bundled service packages and their pricing is shown below as well. In every case, your proposal will be tailored to your needs and the level of service that benefits you most.

  •   Max On-boarding Period
  •   Email Support
  •   Phone Support
  •   Virtual Meetings
  •   On-site Visits
  •   Software Updates
  •   Bank Reconciliation
  •   Payroll Management
  •   Accounts Receivable
  •   Accounts Payable
  •   Inventory Costing
  •   Fixed Assets
  •   Transaction Consulting
  •   GL Transaction Review
  •   GL Account Analysis
  •   Financial Statements
  •   Cash Flow Forecasting
  •   Business Process Review
  •   Budgets/Rolling Forecasts
  •   KPI Reporting
  •   Business Tax Compliance
  •   Business Income Tax Prep
  •   Form 990 Preparation
  •   Income Tax Prep Credit
  •   Minimum Term
  •   Annual Term Discount
  •   Hourly Rate Discount


  • 4 weeks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Typically 1x/month
  • NA
  • Quarterly
  • 10%
  • 10%
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  • 6 weeks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Typically 2x/month
  • $1,000
  • Quarterly
  • 10%
  • 30%
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  • 8 weeks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Typically 4x/month
  • $3,000
  • Annual
  • NA
  • 50%
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Aeona gives you the freedom to grow your business while providing you with the peace of mind that come from knowing your back office is taken care of. Providing accurate and timely accounting services while increasing the efficiency of your finance and accounting efforts is what Aeona is all about. From tax returns and bank reconciliations to implementation of an entire ERP system, Aeona can help you achieve more with your business.

Startups and small businesses can start with a basic accounting software implementation and monthly services, while larger or more complex businesses can benefit from having an accounting professional oversee and manage their entire office without having to hire a controller or CFO. This saves businesses tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and benefits every year.

Nonprofits also benefit from our years of experience with nonprofits and certification through the AICPA's nonprofit section. And, we have special rates for nonprofits as well as software specifically designed to improve accountability, compliance and transparency.